• General Health Assistance
    Health assessment 45 to 49 years old, over 75 years old, Aboriginal health assesment
  • Family Health
    Women's Health, Men's Health, Children's Health
  • Mental Health
    Accredited mental health nurse available on site
  • Dolorcast Radial Shockwave Therapy
    For treatment of pain related to soft tissue condition like tendonisis, plantar fasciitis and tennis/golfer elbow
  • Weight Loss & Weight Management
    Doctor Supervised Weight Reduction & Medicare support for Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist Consults
  • Immunisations
    including Covid Vaccination Booster (Pfizer Bivalent BA.4-5 12years+)
  • Chronic Disease Management
    Chronic disease management helps you control your condition by having your doctor take into account your full medical history and medical status
  • Implanon Insertion/Removal
    This method of contraception can be effective for up to 3 years and can be taken out at any time
  • Hearing Check
    Free hearing check by accredited audiologist on site