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Phone Consultations available to help reduce the risk for all patients.
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Monday 10am to 5pm & Friday 12pm to 5pm and Saturday 12pm to 5pm

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Booking an appointment is easy and can be done at any time
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We are a mixed billing clinic.

We bulk-bill healthcare card holders, pensioners and children < 16 years of age.

We are also able to provide bulk-bill telephone consults for eligible patient.
This will reduce the risk of traveling and acquiring Covid.

For treatment of pain related to soft tissue condition like tendonitis, plantar fasciitis and tennis/golfer elbow.

Including standard,
travel and Flu vaccinations.

We offer supervise
VLCD (Very Low Calory Diet) 
weight reduction program.

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Dr. Mark Utten

Practicing for 30 years
Born and Trained in Australia
Special interest in Weight Reduction and Cardiovascular Risk Reduction.
15 years of experience with a successful medically supervised weight reduction technology.

Drouin Family Medical Centre is moving towards a paperless based clinic.

When arriving at our clinic please wear a mask and sanitize with the hand sanitizer provided. Visitor and patients can easily check in at our iPad kiosk. You can easily enter all new patient information instead of writing.

All prescriptions will be emailed or sent as SMS eScripts via your mobile phone and you can show the barcode to the chemist at your choice to receive your medications.

The doctor also will email requested referrals instead of printing out the referral letter.

This is our own small contribution to saving the environment.

Please ask our friendly receptionist if you have more questions.

Remember if you have any COVID symptoms please book a telehealth consultation.

Telephone / Telehealth consults are available 6 days a week. Please book via the HealthEngine apps or medi2apps online booking system.

Do not attend our clinic unless you are fully vaccinated, telephone consult are available for unvaccinated patient.


Dr Mark provides his patients with a comprehensive range of services :
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Here at Drouin Family Medical Centre we offer Radial Shock Wave Therapy for the treatment of pain related to soft tissue conditions like:

  • Tennis/golfers elbow;
  • Plantar fasciitis;
  • Achilles tendinosis;
  • Patellar tendinosis;
  • Shin splints;
  • Tendinosis of the rotator cuff with or without calcification; and
  • Iliotibial band syndrome.


For other painful or mobility limiting conditions, please discuss a potential Radial Shock Wave Therapy treatment plan with your doctor.

Radial Shock Wave Therapy has been demonstrated as a safe treatment option.  It encompasses high-energy soundwaves being transmitted from a probe as it is held against the skin. The soundwaves then spread outwards into the underlying tissues. This is believed to induce increased blood flow and metabolic activity around the site of pain, thereby, accelerating the healing process. At the very least it effectively reduces pain from this area.


After a simple examination, the area of maximum pain is identified, and a small amount of conducting gel is applied. An applicator is then held against the skin as treatment begins. The initial phase may cause some deep pain, however this decreases eventually, and also indicates that there is the correct targeting of the problem area. There may then be a sensation of numbness or heaviness.

The treatment sessions are of 10 minutes duration during which you will receive 2500 pulses. Many patients get pain relief immediately after the first treatment. Depending on the condition and your response you may require from 1 to 5 treatments, although 3 is usually sufficient.


You may feel some soreness, which may intensify on the night of treatment. Simple analgesia and icing may be required to control this pain. There may also be some minor bruising in the treatment area. You should rest from aggravating activities for 2-3 days after your treatment, as your doctor will discuss.


  • Post-treatment pain as above.
  • Local bruising – uncommon and minor.
  • Tendon rupture has not been reported following radial shockwave therapy, unlike cortisone injection and surgery.



Please inform your doctor or nurse if you have any of the following contra-indications:

  • Pregnancy;
  • Bleeding and blood coagulation disorders, or medications that “thin your blood”;
  • Wounds or acute inflammation in the treatment area;
  • Tumours/cancers in the treatment area;
  • You are under 18yrs old (we can treat Osgood-Schlatter disease);
  • We cannot treat over air-filled spaces;
  • We cannot treat pre-ruptured tendons;
  • Let us know if you have had cortisone into the affected area over the last 6 weeks.



For pensioner/health care card holder

$50 per treatment session non-rebateable (Work cover rebateable) plus the attendance/consultation fee from the doctor, which attracts a Medicare rebate.

For pensioner/health care card holder

$80 per treatment session non-rebateable (Work cover rebateable) plus the attendance/consultation fee from the doctor, which attracts a Medicare rebate.


Obviously, the human body is a complex structure and like many things in medicine, we can provide no guarantees of effectiveness of treatment. We can only keep up-to-date with the latest quality scientific research and make this available to you to make your decision. If you have any questions please feel free to discuss these with your doctor.

We are open now for Telehealth

Monday - Friday
2 PM - 5 PM


19 Grant St, Drouin VIC 3818
Phone : 03 5642 6908 | Fax : 03 5642 6918

Drouin Family Medical Centre opening times are:

Monday 10:30am to 5:00pm

Friday and Saturday 12:00pm to 5:00pm

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Telephone consult only 2pm to 5pm

We closed Public Holidays including Christmas day, boxing day, Good Friday and Easter Monday. We are also closed on Sunday

We are a mixed billing clinic.

Do not attend our clinic unless you are fully Vaccinated.  Telephone consult available for unvaccinated patient.

We bulk-bill healthcare card holders, pensioners and children < 16 years of age for consultation.  However if there is dressing or procedure e.g ear syringe required, we cannot bulk billed and private bill apply.

We are also able to provide bulk-bill telephone consults for eligible patients, including patients who have Covid positive PCR/rat tests.  This will reduce the risk for other patients, and staff acquiring Covid.

We can also bulk bill simple / straight-forward consults at our discretion.

If you are unsure of your status then ring our main clinic number to clarify.

If you are at possible risk during a physical attendance but do not qualify for bulk billing, an option exists for a paid telephone consult through the Medi2App booking system or HealthEngine.

Otherwise… There is a gap which is non-refundable and payable on the day of the consult.

For overseas patients who don’t have a Medicare card, all consults have to be paid on the day.

Details of the non bulk-billed fees  are as follow:

Details of the non bulk-billed fees  are as follow:

Level B standard consult    Full Fee $59.75 (Medicare rebate $39.75 + gap $20)

Level C longer consult        Full Fee $ 101.95 (Medicare rebate $76.95+ gap $25)

Level D longer consult       Full Fee $  143.30  (Medicare rebate $113.30 +gap30)

Level B after hours              Full Fee $91.80 (Medicare rebate $51.80 + gap $40)

Level C after hours              Full Fee $128.80 (Medicare rebate $88.80 + gap $40)

Level D after hours         Full Fee $    164.50   (Medicare rebate $124.50 +gap $40)

Pre-employment medical or VicRoads medical examination do not attract any Medicare rebate and will be privately charged.  Please bring the form with you.  We are unable to received unsecured encrypted emails from patients due to security issues.  We cannot provide consultation though email. Please book an appointment to come and see our doctor to discuss your health issues.

Because we are increasingly busy, especially in the morning, we encourage all patients to book an appointment. However, for urgent matters other than life threatening situations, patients are able to drop in to see the Doctor. Please advise reception upon arrival if you need medical attention urgently. The Doctor will Triage the patient accordingly, and will advise if the patient needs to go to a hospital (Warragul Hospital, Emergency Department, 10 minutes away).

A patient can make an appointment by ringing the clinic on 5642 6908  or book online via Medi2Apps or HealthEngine or book online via our website www.drouinfamilymedicalcentre.com.au.  Our practice does not advertise through Social Media (such as Facebook and Instagram).  Please note our email is not to be used for clinical inquires, please telephone the medical centre for more information.

If you need a longer appointment, please advise reception. If you book online please book a double appointment for more complex problems or multiple problems.

Please call us if you need to cancel your appointment at least 3 hours before hand, as other patients may benefit from the recovered appointment.

The clinic welcomes all feedback; please write out the feedback and place it in our feedback box in the waiting room.  If you need to make a complaint, the contact number of the Health Complaints Commissioner is: 1300 582 113.

Our practice policy for obtaining test results is to book an appointment with the doctor to get the result.  If a patient has a blood test done, the patient is advised to book an appointment 2-3 days after the blood or specimen is taken. The receptionist will offer to make an appointment for the patient to see the doctor after the consultation, for discussing the blood test result.  Our practice will also send text message to notify patients to book an appointment with our doctor to discuss an abnormal result.  Please ensure your telephone number and address is correct and up to date.  If you do not wish to be part of this system please let us know.  We cannot give the result over the phone or email to patient due to confidentiality and security issues.

For childrens’ immunisation, and any other procedure such as dressings, blood test or ear syringing please book an appointment to see Dr Utten on Monday between 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM (we have a nurse on duty to assist with the procedure).

Our practice policy in returning phone calls from a patient is as follows:

For extremely urgent matters, the receptionist will transfer the call to the doctor if the doctor is not currently doing an important procedure or operation.

Otherwise for all other requests, the call will be returned after the doctor has finished the shift.

Please note that patient may be charge private billing for telephone consult, please ask receptionist for more detail.

There are a number of other afterhours GP services and home visiting doctors available in the local area.

Outside our practice hours, patients can contact the After Hours GP Helpline on 1800 022 222 or search the National Health Services Directory at www.nhsd.org.au to find a service that is open after hours.

The following locum services provide bulk-billed home visits:

South Eastern Deputising Service  9793 7777

Alternatively, for an emergency, the patient can attend Warragul  hospital at 41 Landsborough St, Warragul VIC 3820 or call ambulance. The telephone number for Warragul Hospital emergency department is 5623 0611. The number to ring for ambulance is 000.

Our Practice follows this procedure when transferring health record from another practice:

Ask the patient to sign our ‘transfer of records form’ indicating consent for their previous practice to forward a copy or summary of their health record to us. Please note the previous practice might request a fee for the transfer of full notes and this is entirely outside of our control.

Our Practice follows this procedure when transferring health records to another practice:

Ensure that the patient has provided written consent.

It is the policy of this practice to maintain security of personal health information at all times and to ensure this information is only available to authorised members of staff.  Our privacy and security policy is available on request.

We provide some useful services you should be aware of

  1. Immunisations: Including standard, travel and Flu vaccinations.
  2. 24 hour blood pressure monitoring via the latest portable smart watch based technology to help decide whether a patient genuinely needs treatment.
  3. Lifestyle counselling for weight reduction, hypertension, diabetes, Iron deficiency, vitamin deficiency and more.
  4. Ear wax removal
    for Tendon/muscle pain, plantar fasciitis
  6. Audiological services by Apex Hearing

Hearing assessment, Hearing aid


19 Grant Street, Drouin
Victoria 3818, Australia

ph : (03) 5642 6908
fax : (03) 5642 6918